The emergence of socio-pastoral work was the natural consequence of the decision to embrace a life with the poor. The main thrust is the creation of basic ecclesial communities (BECs) that embody the charisms of compassion and reconciliation and where support mechanisms are created, family values are preserved, and people empowerment takes place. This allows the Congregation to intervene in addressing poverty and choose the priority issues to be addressed. Pastoral work also strengthens community life towards the RGS mission.

Our services include:

– Organizing Basic Ecclesial Communities (BECs) and Women Organizations

– Spiritual/Christian/Values formation

– Economic Justice (IGP, Livelihood, Micro-Credit, Food Production, Handcrafting, Cooperative)

– Legal Assistance

– Educational Assistance Program

– Training and Formation: sessions on women/children, justice, peace and integrity of creation (WJPIC)

– Advocacy : for WJPIC issues

– Networking/Referral

– Housing assistance

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