Our services include:

– Formal education  (pre-school to tertiary levels)

– Catholic formation sessions

– Guidance Counselling

– Counselling/Therapy

– Outreach activities: tutorials, feeding program to malnourished children coming  from depressed areas, tree planting, coastal clean-up, catechism sessions to public schools

– WJPIC activities: thematic monthly celebrations: ex: March-women’s day, July: nutrition month, Dec: human right day, etc

– Formation of Student leaders

Economic Justice

Our services include:

– Income Generating Projects

– Livelihood

– Micro-Credit

– Cooperative

– Handcrafting

– Food Production

– Product development

– Social Enterprise

– Savings and Loans

– Marketing

– Networking/Referrals

– Advocacy


The residential program provides shelter for women and girls at-risk and exploited (sexually and physically abused, trafficked, prostituted, distressed migrants) towards healing and recovery.  It promotes women’s and children’s rights and dignity; it offers integrated and holistic services that facilitate reclaiming of dignity and value as a person and children of God.

Our services include:

1.          Caring services – are provided for the security and wellbeing of the women and children

– Temporary shelter

– Provision of basic needs: food, clothing

– Regular physical exercises (shibashi, dancing, Zumba)

– Medical, dental and optical assistance

– Recreation and celebrations

– Job placements

2.          Healing services – are provided for the enhancement of women’s knowledge, attitudes,    values, capabilities, talents, and skills

– Individual/group & family counselling/therapy

– Family dialogue

– Psychological assessment

– Spiritual activities (recollections, pilgrimage, reception of sacraments: (Confession, Eucharist, Baptism, Confirmation)

– Arts/music/occupational therapy

– Socialization/recreation

– Group living sessions

– Home visitations

– Family outreach

– Legal Assistance

– After care follow-up

– Referrals

– Networking

3.          Teaching services – are provided for the enhancement of women’s knowledge, attitudes,    values, capabilities, talents, and skills.

– Christian and Spiritual Formation (Lives of Saints, Catechism, Prayers, etc)

– Skills Training

– Life Skills sessions

– Maternal and Child Care

– Conflict Management

– Responsible Parenting

– Sessions on current local/national/global issues and events

– Sessions on women-children, justice, peace, and integrity of creation

– Sessions on Laws for the protection for women, children and family

– Advocacy


The emergence of socio-pastoral work was the natural consequence of the decision to embrace a life with the poor. The main thrust is the creation of basic ecclesial communities (BECs) that embody the charisms of compassion and reconciliation and where support mechanisms are created, family values are preserved, and people empowerment takes place. This allows the Congregation to intervene in addressing poverty and choose the priority issues to be addressed. Pastoral work also strengthens community life towards the RGS mission.

Our services include:

– Organizing Basic Ecclesial Communities (BECs) and Women Organizations

– Spiritual/Christian/Values formation

– Economic Justice (IGP, Livelihood, Micro-Credit, Food Production, Handcrafting, Cooperative)

– Legal Assistance

– Educational Assistance Program

– Training and Formation: sessions on women/children, justice, peace and integrity of creation (WJPIC)

– Advocacy : for WJPIC issues

– Networking/Referral

– Housing assistance