The Economic Justice Project is a social enterprise activity of the St. Mary Euphrasia Integrated Development Foundation, Inc. (SMEIDFI) in collaboration with International Good Shepherd Foundation in response to the growing concern of economic stability of its beneficiaries, particularly the women and girls.

Launched in January 2013, this project is overseen by SMEIDFI, where it commits to: (Reference: Good Shepherd Sisters Economic Justice position paper)

  1. Work zealously with women and children, especially those who are trafficked, forced to migrate or oppressed by abject poverty;
  2. Develop sustainable strategies for economic development in local communities, in order to ensure that income generation is direct, practical, and effective for women and families. This will include a diversity of models, responsive to local situations.
  3. Support principles of Fair Trade, as essential to ecological sustainability and inclusion.
  4. Expand programs that bring practical relief from poverty, generate income for women, and support grassroots actions that empower communities and individuals.

By EMPOWERING FILIPINO ARTISANS OUT OF POVERTY, SMEIDFI assists in developing, and marketing various income generating handcrafting projects developed by their women and girls.

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