Artisans and Community Life

Alay Kapwa Tindahan …


Euphrasian Store and bakeshop is helping Out-of-School youth residing in depressed areas of Quezon City who needs work and save money for studies.


Welcome House is a crisis intervention center for girls/women who are in-crisis and in need of counselling and protection. Clients came from all parts of the Philippines who are either exploited, abused and marginalized. IGPs serve as additional skills to enhance their employment capacities


Bahay Pastulan Bakeshop and Store provides livelihood opportunities to poor and marginalized men and women in Tagaytay area, through food production training and capital assistance. Once the beneficiary is ready to start her/his small scale business, Bahay Pastulan provides capital to start their own business. Bahay Pastulan also market their products. For those beneficiary/staff who needs decent housing, they are also given the chance to own a house and lot through the PABAHAY PROJECT.


Maryridge is a healing and renewal center for those who wanted peace, solitude and psycho-spiritual-physical healing. As an outreach, they have a tulong paaral program intended for the poor children in Tagaytay City. Their mothers are organized for community development endeavors. One of their livelihood projects is doing rugs and gourmet tuyo for additional income


Contemplative Sisters of the Good Shepherd (CGS) are sisters who devoted their lives for solitude and prayers especially praying for the apostolate of the apostolic sisters. But due to the poverty situation in Tagaytay, they responded by training selected women to bake angel cookies to augment family income. Through the training and assistance of the sisters they were able to produce cookies made out of host cuttings and flour.


Bukid Kabataan (BK) is a residential center for children who are exploited, abused and neglected. They offered special education in coordination with DepEd and therapy to the children. One of the therapeutic activities is painting bags made of “katsa fabric”. Also, the children are taught the value of care for the earth, they help maintain the organic farm through weeding and watering the vegetable garden


Good Shepherd Home (Legazpi) provides direct services for the recovery and healing of survivors of violence through its residential care and community-based programs. They also organized women in the different barangays in Legazpi City and municipality of Manito for the protection of gender-based violence and improvement of economic situation. The women are trained to be women and children’s advocate. They are also provided with skills training and knowledge on managing small enterprise. Through the women’s capacity to earn they are also freed from economic oppression from their husbands.


Mountain Maid Training and Development Center (MMTDC) is a training and development center for the poor youth of Cordillera regions. They are train for food production to earn and save for their studies.


Villa Maria (Cebu City) helped women and girls survivors of abuse and exploitation, through residential and community based programs. Their capacity and creativity are developed through life skills and skills training to earn a living.


Good Shepherd Welcome House is a temporary home for the young women and girls working in Cebu City’s red light district. Most of them, between the ages of 10-20 years old, enter this field to make a living. The social enterprise project was introduced to the center as an alternative means for the young girls to realize that there are other ways to earn. This project has become a catalyst in the decision-making of the girls to want to undergo rehabilitation and transformation.


Center for Overseas Workers assists returning migrants- mothers in fighting for the rights and legal identity of their children. The Center introduced the social enterprise project to provide additional income for the mothers as an added support as they undergo the legal dispute.

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