Transformed in Jesus Christ, we, Good Shepherd Sisters, live our mission of compassion and reconciliation through a Contemplative or an Apostolic Life.  With zeal, we labour to renew the world towards fullness of life where there is Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation.


To proclaim the Gospel of compassion and reconciliation, we continue to integrate the prophetic challenges of our mission with the essentials of community and cosmic living. Authentic witnessing among ourselves, a Women, Justice, Peace, and Integrity of Creation-oriented ministry, Good Shepherd partners, and those we serve will inspire others to share our ministries of compassion. In global solidarity, we mutually enable ourselves and the poor and marginalized, particularly girls and women, to live in dignity and integrity.


  • Zeal
  • Compassion
  • Reconciliation
  • Justice
  • Solidarity

Prophetic Goals

  1. Prioritize, consolidate, streamline and re-direct RGS ministries for effectiveness and sustainability.
  2. Streamline services of our various Good Shepherd Centers for meaningful delivery of services.
  3. Evaluate regularly our different ministries and implement the recommendations from those evaluations, —i. e – founding of inserted communities.
  4. Continue Women Justice Peace Integrity of Creation (WJPIC) thrust and have concerted efforts and quick responses to issues.